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Welcome to the new riding experience

Never before has a saddle been offered that gives the rider as much comfort, as much feel and contact with the horse, and at the same time as much security and balance as the SPORTS SADDLE ® saddle.


The SPORTS SADDLE ® saddle is designed to be the most comfortable, best balanced, best fitting saddle on the market at any price. It keeps the rider comfortable, secure, in good balance, and fits the horse securely and comfortably. I find that my horses are calmer, more relaxed, respond much quicker, and move much more freely when being ridden in a SPORTS SADDLE ® saddle.

Because of the balance and closeness of the rider and horse, it is amazing how quickly a horse responds to the rider’s leg cues and body movement. Young horses move much more freely and seem much more comfortable in a SPORTS SADDLE ® saddle than in a regular saddle. I have had young horses starting to do roll-backs and side-passes with only a few weeks of riding.

The SPORTS SADDLE ® saddle will fit more horses than any other saddle on the market that I have seen. The front part of the tree being independent of the rear of the cantle section, it is free to conform to different width shoulders and different height withers of many horses because the angle of the tree bards in not rigidly set as in regular saddles. When cinched down, the tree angle automatically conforms to the horse’s shoulders.


May you always ride a good horse and a comfortable, well balanced, and good-fitting saddle.  
  - Bob Marshall

Our Team at Sports Saddle

We here at sports saddle strive to continue building the most comfortable high quality saddles on the market. All of our saddles are hand built by our experienced team of leather craftsman and are hand tooled using only the best of materials. 

There are many options when it comes to ordering a custom saddle to fit your personal preferences so here at sports saddle we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have or go over the options that we offer so that you are 100% satisfied with the product that you receive.

We always take pride in our  products, and stand behind them fully when it comes to warranty, we want to provide only the best when it comes to costumer service. We appreciate your business and say thank you to all customers from years past and to all of those in the years to come. 

            - The Sports Saddle Team    

In memory of Robert “Bob” Lee Marshall

In Salem, KY, Bob developed his saddle business and homestead.
Robert Marshall accomplished many great achievements in his lifetime. These achievements include his being a world renowned saddle maker, horse trainer, truck-restorer, multi-patent holder and he was known to be a professional businessman.


Robert Marshall started out training horses during the daytime and at night walking down numerous isle ways of stalled horses fitting his handmade saddle trees to the horses’ backs. As his hard work led on he found himself making cutting saddles and reining-horse saddles for the top trainers and competitors in the United States. Later, Bob developed the famous “treeless” saddle. This saddle was developed to aid in the flexibility and comfort for both horse and rider.

Barrel Racers all over the world soon caught on to this light weight, professionally designed saddle and fell in love with its ride, design and comfort for horse and rider as a team. Trail riders also desired his treeless trail saddles for its weight and comfort.

He is survived by his wife, Martha Dianne Marshall of Salem, of whom is still operating the business.

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