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*Custom Options*

Do you have a design in mind for that one of a kind, perfect saddle? Here at Sports Saddle inc. we can turn that idea into reality! We are known for our large Variaty of custom options available to our customers. Below are some of the custom options available, along with information explaining the differences between them, along with the benifits and mechanics of how some options may change your riding experiance! We also have experianced, highly knowagable, dealers and saddle builders that are more than happy to help you with any questions, and help you along the way while ordering your custom saddle, so never hesitate to send us a message or give us a call, we look foward to hearing from you!




All D-Rings and Hardware are 100% Stainless Steel and will not corrode or rust. All saddles come with at least two sets on front of saddle ( one set under pommel, the other lower on front skirt. For attaching breast-collar) Trail Versions feature these under cantle and as crupper ring. (For attaching saddle bags / latigoes / ect.)



-These D-Rings will come Standard on all saddles unless otherwise noted, they are 100% stainless steel and will not rust or corrode.

Jeremiah Watt-Black

-These D-Rings resemble the shape of a horseshoe and  feature decorative engravement with a black accented background.

( additional upgrade fee ) 


Small    - Come standard on all saddles except Wranglers


Large    - Can be requested at no additional charge


J-Watts - Included in J-Watts upgrade option (extra cost)




- The Blackend J-Watts Conchos will come standard on all saddles unless otherwise noted 



- There are many color options when it comes to ordering a saddle, from the color of the leather to the color of the seat material, below are some of these options and examples of just a few materials that are available. 

- Be sure to take a look at our photo gallery to get more ideas to help you choose the right color combanation for your saddle!

SUEDE LEATHER   (Seat Material)

Custom Material Examples

Standard Colors Include:





( Custom Colors Available )



Standard Colors Include:



Dye / Stains

- Black   (dye)               

-Chocolate   (dye)  

-Mahogany   (dye)  

-Walnut / Dark Walnut   (dye)

-Black Cherry   (dye)

-Antique Brown   (Stain)

-Antique Black   (Stain)


-Light Oil

-Medium Oil

-Dark Oil



Tooling comes in several different styles including: Fully Tooled, Border Tooled, and Border Tooled with Fully Tooled Center. 

- Available hand tooled basketweave, diamond tooled, crazy tool, deep textured tooling, and barb-wire tooling.

- Combination tooling such as diamond border with basketweave center, basketweave border with diamond center, and basketweave border with barb-wire edge.

- Also now available, laser etched tooling available in basketweave. 

-Laser etch your custom logo or design into your custom saddle to make it a one of a kind, personalized saddle! ( Name, Brand, Photo, ect.)

-Hand carved floral tooling also available!

Skirt Types

We offer several skirt shapes.

Please see the diagram below for available options.

Saddle Skirt Diagram.jpg

#18 For Trail Riders, #19,#29 & #30 For Barrel Racers  The#18 Horn is 3" Tall The #19 &#29 Are 3 1/2" Tall And the #30 Horn Is 4" Tall

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